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1.Anon » Tue Jan 28, 2020 7:35 am

Regarding the claim, "We must accelerate the collapse of Murrica's jew system and end their retarded society."

I'm not exactly sure _how_ giving the Jews exactly what the Jews want (and what they are creating and taking away from us anyway, even without our help) is going to benefit _us_ in any way. On the surface, it appears the _only_ benefit from accelerationism, goes directly to the Jews. Accelerationists are giving the Jews exactly what they want, only faster.

How does it help us, to help the Jews make society even worse than it already is?

Shouldn't we be sandbagging their attempts, instead? History shows us that Whites capitulate and yield ground rather than fight, most will at any rate. Whites are the most (only?) charitable people on earth! Isn't it better to hold on to what we have, for as long as we can -- because once it's gone, we will never EVER have it again?

2.Anon » Tue Jan 28, 2020 5:06 pm

You cannot give to somebody that which they already have.
Jews own and control all of Murrica and have since the start of the United States.
It is in the jews best interest to maintain their power, not to disrupt it.

Today there was some good news. Trump and his jewish lover Benjamin declared their middle east "peace" treaty. Following the recent previous sign that Don and Ben did by moving the capitol of Israel and giving the go ahead to reconstruct their temple. For those that know their jewish prophecy, which they purposely want to fulfill of course not due to any real divine power, it is a false peace and will lead to a great war within three and a half years. Obviously jews will continue to use their jewish puppet Trump for another term, putting this war about in the middle of the second term. This is good news, because according to their bible a ton of christians, muslims and jews will be killed as a result.

3.Anon » Tue Jan 28, 2020 5:06 pm

Racially, Murrica cannot get much worse when you consider the situation and relations. Whites grovel at nonWhites feet with fears of being called a racist etc. While whites let nonWhites rape and murder white females or even worse take them as their girlfriends and wives to spawn mixed breed trash. Whites, usually christians, adopt niglets from africa etc. This is about rock bottom, nothing left to conserve here unless you live out in the middle of nowhere away from what you know nothing of because you ran from it or happen to be born in the fields, hills etc.

I personally do not care about weak minded whites that love their should-be enemies and would refuse to fight, let them all die. Past white generations have kicked the can down the road to save their asses when they had the greater numbers just to avoid a uncomfortable battle. As did ancestors that only fought other whites.

Whites should be and will be put in an ultimate do or die situation they cannot refuse just like the white christ tarded trash dying in south africa. Whites need to lose millions of jewsus nigger loving trash, the sooner the better.
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